Collie Track Day 2013 (May 18)

We were hoping to have a sway bar fitted, set the adjustable shocks on the front to the hard setting and fit the lowered stub axles. Unfortunately the adjustable shocks would not play the game and may actually be stuffed. I’ll speak to a specialist and get there opinion on them soon. Luckily Bruce had some drags shocks in stock that we were able to run. Not ideal for track work but good enough to get us out there! The lowered stub axles would not accommodate the brake discs so something needs to be changed there, maybe manufacturer a spacer which I believe Scott has been through recently also. The mounting brackets for the sway bar did not make it in the post in time to be fitted due to a clerical by the supplier.

But new ventilated discs did go on the front. New pads all round, race pads on the front. A valvle lash cap was replaced. All finished up by 10:30pm the night before driving to Collie. Unfortunately Bruce didnt have to get either of this cars ready so drove his work van down instead.

It was a great day of hooning around the Collie Motorplex. My data logging app on my phone recorded a couple of 62second laps which Im pretty happy with. More mods will definitely be able to bring that down next year!

Had a spin on most of the corners of the track at some point during the day. No danger anywhere really but still gets the heart racing for a moment or two. One spin right in front Laxy must have been fun to watch for him!

Bruce had a session in the val and he a small excursion off the track.

Videos are at

The great day of hooning continued onto a great night of hanging out with few of the boys. Nice pub meal, some drinks, some stories and watching footage from my dash cam and from Laxy’s video camera.

The car was also awarded one of 4 ‘Show and Shine’ trophies that were handed out on the day. 2 to Valiants and 2 to non-valiant guests on the day.Image

Looking forward to next year!

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