Nostalgia Drags 2012 – Runner Up in Oz Muscle

A brilliant result for us today only losing the final of the Nostalgia Drags by 35 thousands of second to a very good racer.

It was a pretty hot morning and the engine was pinging quite badly. I result of the engine sucking in the hot (less dense) air and not able to mix the right proportions of fuel:air. A fix for this is reduce the ignition timing but this would also mean that as the air cooled I would have to adjust the timing again to suit the better air. Decided not to mess with anything and thankful I didnt. The seabreeze came in and the air temp dropped nicely. Throughout the day we got a little bit faster then ran pretty consistent 13.0s

Fastest lap of the day was a 13.005, most times in the 13.0 sec range. Check the videos section of the main website or youtube for footage.

You can also be Facebook friends with greenval (or me if I kind of do you know you) where things get updated pretty regularly.

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